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We had a very docile, well behaved, 11-year old Siamese -- Amelia. We decided to get her a kitten for companionship. Then we thought the kitten would need a companion. We found a breeder of Bengals and Siamese nearby and went to get two kittens. Unfortunately, we fell in love with a pair of Siamese and a pair of Bengals. In a moment of relative clarity, if not sanity, we decided to leave one of the Siamese for someone else. We brought three kittens home. This is their story.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Day 3

They are all out from time to time, including the Bengal female. The male roams the house and the Bengals were seen playing and chasing each other. They knocked a bunch of magazines off the table and I think the noise spooked the Siamese. She hid behind the washer all evening. I'm trying to get some pictures, but they won't hold still. I had a tough time getting the female Bengal into the laundry room for the night. She wasn't hiding, and she let me pick her up, but she was very skittish and when she gets scared, she has about a thousand very sharp little claws!


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